Debut album Past Waters/Fever Lives available now.

Praise for Past Waters/Fever Lives


Serra... has managed to craft a truly jaw-dropping listening experience, and I emphasize that word. An experience that boasts a level of technical expertise that's second to none... It's a release that won't appeal to everyone; this work strikes me as a complex piece of art rather than a standard music recording, but those willing to embark on a singular sonic adventure should prepare to have their minds blown... [Past Waters/Fever Lives is] wide in scope and absolutely marvelous in its execution. Surely, this is one of the most genuinely outstanding releases of 2015.  (8.8/10)

~Andy, Scene Point Blank



"All of the pieces in this album are absolutely gorgeous, elegant, and so deeply and comprehensively developed. Moñecho plunges into a place where most people would not dare venture into their psyches—this album feels very urgent, cathartic, and intensely expressive. Each piece’s climax holds so much power and raw emotion—listeners may suddenly find themselves in tears, without having the slightest idea why. That is simply the power that music holds over us. But being able to harness the passion one feels and successfully convey it through music—that is the power of a musical genius."

~Juliana Russell, Black on the Canvas


“Unlike a typical indie rock album, there is little background to fall back on, no guide to consult in the artistic process. Moñecho throws the rulebook out the window with the creation of Past Waters/Fever Lives, and lives to tell the tale. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard, and that’s the best part about it." 

“[Past Waters/Fever Lives'] release challenges the notion of what an LP can be today." 

“It is hard to judge Moñecho on the basis of what an LP should be today, what a musician should accomplish in 10 tracks, because Serra doesn’t claim to defy the rules of any specific genre. He has created something unruly and novel altogether.” 

~Kelsey Simkins, Bearded Gentlemen Music


"...[Moñecho] blends numerous musical genres to create a debut album that will challenge you to categorize his music as anything other than ethereally beautiful." 

"...Past Waters/Fever Lives is nothing short of a sonic experiment that will force you to forget all your preconceived notions of what a successful album should sound like." 

"Ignoring the conventions of one particular genre or even multiple genres and just allowing himself to take any and all inspiration he could find and running with it, Moñecho crafts a truly unique and wonderfully strange listening experience that you won’t find anywhere else." 

~Jessica Wright, Under Bright Lights


"For those who might hear a Jeff Buckley song come on and think to themselves that no one really goes for it like that anymore, Past Waters/Fever Lives offers an impassioned but well-considered art-rock response..."

~Ian F. King, Stereo Subversion




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Art by Paul Cooley