Debut album Past Waters/Fever Lives available now.

Past Waters/Fever Lives

Moñecho's debut album, consisting of two complimentary song-bodies.  Past Waters (tracks 1-4) is ethereal, nostalgic, and calming, yet cathartic; Yin with dots of Yang.  Fever Lives (tracks 6-10) is earthy, percussive, aggressive, heavy, and dense; a yang to Past Water's yin.  Recorded 2011-2014.  Releases 12/7/2015.

From other projects:

This track is from a soundtrack I am composing for a video game in development called Prism. The game explores the importance of emotion in our lives. Throughout the story, the player recovers various emotions in how they perceive the world, represented by gaining thematic colors. This title screen/intro track introduces the main theme, which is developed and expanded upon as each emotion is discovered throughout the story. 



This piece was my first attempt to manipulate musical time to escape it compositionally, through multiple delay feedback, time stretch, pitch stretch, and other techniques.



I have recently been interested in the idea of escaping from the concept of Time in music as an artistic medium, born of applying my concepts of living and spirituality metaphorically to composition. All audio heard are sonically manipulated samples of me singing the words Time, Now, Love, God, and Present in different pitches. Each of these words represents both a concept (which eventually become holistically intertwined with each other) and a word in non-predicated phrases.  The piece is a metaphoric and textural representation of beliefs I have about life, living, and spirituality.

Art by Paul Cooley